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Exhibitors participating in Expo Plast Perú take advantage of the presence of visitors who in a large percentage, are interested in their products and / or services. They have direct contact with potential clients, with a wide range of professionals with immediate decision. They can know that their competitors plan and anticipate, since they live with them the four days of exposure. Exhibitor Profile
Plastic Products
Raw Materials
Diverse Chemicalss
Machines Equipment and accessories 
Blowing Instrumentation
Control and automation Recycling
Energy Efficiency Transformers Packaging and packaging Peripheral services Benefits
Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
They have the possibility to make an optimal presentation.
They have a return on communication and in this case, the prospect makes immediate decisions.
At the fair all have the same possibilities.
The presence of YOUR PUBLIC is guaranteed.
It is the best opportunity to generate loyalty with your customers and make new contacts.

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Stand Presentation

Benefits • Price per m2 US $ 280.00 plus taxes I.G.V.
• Cenefa (Sign) with the name of the exhibitor.
• Carpet high transit.
• Lighting brackets.
• Basic power 500 watts.
• Double outlet.
• White melamine walls.
• Maximum height of decoration depends on purchased size of stand.
• for stand of 6 and 12 m2.
Additional Energy: Request a quote. For the operation of machinery and equipment, additional energy must be requested from the basic.
Includes: • Permanent Exhibitor Cards.
• Invitations to your business relationships.
• Registration in the Official Catalog of the Fair.
• Exhibition marketing report.

Not Includes: • Furniture
Reserve of stand. Now!
Catalog of the fair 8 thousand copies for exhibitors and visitors, with a format of 10 cm (width) x 24 cm (high) and advertising spaces of two measures:

01 Page: 10 cm (width) x 24 cm (high) - US $ 450 + I.G.V. 18%
½ Page: 10 cm (width) x 12 cm (high) - US $ 280 + I.G.V. 18%
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Warning: Income is for people over 15 years. The event is free for professionals in the industry who pre-accreditation through the website of the event until 21/5/2018 or who have an official invitation. Otherwise you will be charged S/. 30 (US$ 10) in the accreditation sector.
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